An inside look at WHS’s Varsity Softball Team

Mr. Orisek is a biology teacher from Wauconda High School, he is also the head varsity softball coach. He has been coaching for the last 6 years. Currently, there are 13 girls on the softball team who show their hard work and determination to the game through their undefeated conference record of 4-0 and all-over record of 10-6. The four seniors are on the varsity softball team: Bryn Lucht, Savannah Powers, Lia Taglia, and Haley Baldwin. When asked about the current senior’s coach Orisek said, “ I feel that a highlight for us over the past few seasons has been winning regionals the past two seasons and going down to Tennessee as a team to play and build team chemistry.” Every season the team votes for team captains this season the captains are Bryn Lucht, Savannah Powers, and Lia Taglia. These three seniors have all signed up at different colleges to play softball at the next level. The lady bulldogs played very good competition while on their Tennessee trip and when they came back. Antioch otherwise known as “The Team up North” has become the softball team’s biggest conference rival. On April 21 they took on “The team up north” and took their first conference loss of the season. Coach Orisek said, “ We have a team of talented girls with very high expectations for this season. If we want to prepare ourselves for a long run in the playoffs we need to challenge ourselves by playing the best competition that we can”. These determined players “swept a doubled header in the sleet and snow. Back in the W column” with a score of 13-1 against Cary Grove. These very talented girls do not let anything stop them, they continue to show their hard work and determination whether it’s during a game or at practice, they never give up.