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Purple Press

Purple Press

My top 10 footballers

Soccer is my favorite sport and I always enjoy it when someone brings it up in conversation hence why I’ve decided to share my opinion on my top 10 favorite soccer players. These players are mainly some that I just respect and love to see play when I get the chance this will also include retired players. Remember this is my opinion these opinions aren’t meant to hurt anyone in any way and I hope you respect my ideas thank you. 


  1. José Saturnino Cardozo: Known as El Diablo Viejo(the old devil) Cardozo is considered probably the best foreign player to enter Mexico; his versatility and strength is what helped him score some amazing goals. He won 4 Mexican league titles, he had the most goals in the league for 4 seasons and was named footballer of the year in Paraguay 3X. What I like about his style of play is the way he was able to score some amazing goals outside of the box.


       9.Erling Haaland: Haaland is probably one of the last players you want to be up against his size and strength gives him a big advantage over his opponent not to mention the insane skills he has he is practically a jurgenott key passes and finishing inside the box are what make him so great. In his 22-23 campaign with English side Manchester City he scored 52 goals across every competition in his first season at the club including 37 goals and 8 assists which gave him the honor of highest scorer that season. That same season Haaland helped Man City win a champions league title along the way they won the Premier League and FA cup making them another treble winning team alongside greats like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Internazionale 

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8.Xavi Hernandez: Now a coach for his ex-club Barcelona Xavi Hernandez is one of those players I really admire as he made some amazing plays while at Barcelona being able to find open spaces on the pitch and moving off the ball to get himself into open positions really made him stand out. 2 Euro titles and a world cup can really speak for themselves. He helped Barcelona win La Liga 8X during their dominance in Spain and in Europe playing alongside greats like Andrés Iniesta, Lionel Messi, Carlos Puyol, Thierry Henry, and many more. 


7.Hirving “Chucky” Lozano: Lozano has become an integral part in the success of the Mexican National team and although I’m not too pleased when they lose which is pretty often now, he’s a player I can never really stay mad at the National team can really rely on him when it’s necessary. In Mexico one of the things we love to see is when a Mexican player is successful in Europe as they don’t get a lot of opportunities known for his assists and his historic goal against Germany in the 2018 World Cup Chucky has played for a couple of great football clubs like PSV and Napoli just last season he helped Napoli win their 3rd league title after 33 years without a league title. Being an integral part of the team and always making fans proud to see him get out onto the field.


6.Angel Mena: I’d be lying if I didn’t say this guy has saved Leon so many times in the past Angel Mena is just one of those players I’m so grateful to have on my favorite team. I’ve grown up watching heartbreak after heartbreak as I see Club Leon lose time and time again that’s not to say that were a bad team but when In need Angel Mena has saved us so many times I’ll never forget that saturday night in December when me my dad and uncle were watching the semi-finals of the Mexican soccer league(Liga MX) We were losing 3-2 and all we needed was one more goal and we would advance to the finals. I didn’t have much faith because we had so many opportunities before but just watching Angel Mena be the one to score that game winner left me in tears of joy. I couldn’t believe my eyes and that was probably the best night of my life.


As we wined down to my top 5 favorite players  i’d like to give a couple of honorable mentions 


Zinedine Zidane: is just that quiet guy when you least expect once he’s on the pitch nobody could really stop the guy what I’ll always remember him for is that world class goal against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions league final I think it was probably a goal nobody expected I’ll be leaving a link to the goal it’s something I think everyone should see.Zidane’s famous goal against Bayer Leverkusen in the UCL Final 2002


Pele: I’ll understand if someone says WOAH how do you not have Pele in the top 5 and remember this is my opinion if this was about the top 10 best players then I would understand. What I don’t like is how some people complain about how Pele was only good because the offside goal didn’t exist during his time. The offside rule was introduced in 1868 Pele began his career around the late 50s. Maybe there was something the refs didn’t see but that won’t stop me from praising the man. In a time where Brazilian style football was seen as barbaric Pele proved to the world that it wasn’t barbaric but that Brazilian style football was just way ahead of their time and his 3 world cups pretty much prove that. Personally I don’t ever wanna hear anything negative about one of the best players to help revolutionize the way football was played.


  1. Francesco Totti: This player is the most loyal man I have ever seen. This guy spent 28 years at Roma his whole career he never left. basically broke every record this guy was around for the highs and lows but it was worth it once he was able to Bring Roma their 3rd Scudetto(Italian league title) barely beating Torin side Juventus by 2 points in the last week of the season. I truly respect Totti and I don’t think I know of any other player as loyal as him to his club. During his stay at Roma he was awarded footballer of the year 5 times in a row he was even able to win a World Cup with Italy. I think cheaters should take some notes from this guy


4.Juan Román Riquelme: I can say with all due respect that after Mexico Argentina’s Soccer league is probably the most interesting it has produced some fantastic players one of them being Riquelme this guy gave it his all with Boca Juniors winning the Copa Libertadores 3X and footballer of the year in Argentina 4X although he did play in Europe for some time he is more remembered for his stay in his home country he even gained a olympic medal as a result. He’s one of those players my dad always told me about, a very hot headed guy with an aggressive style of play that intimidated his opponents.  


  1. Didier Drogba: Didier Drogba is who I consider Chelsea’s hero bringing them 4 premier league titles and carrying them to a Champions League final where he scored the game deciding penalty. Chelsea owes a lot of its success to this guy; his physical strength and speed have been a problem for some teams in the past; he was named African footballer of the year twice in 2006 and 2009. The even ended a war do I have to say more


2.Johan Cruyff: Cruyff is considered the father of football. He was a tactical genius that did things no other player could do at the time. I idolize him because of his time at Barcelona and the things he did later on as a coach were incredible. He was a 3x ballon d’or winner and was a top goal scorer for 7 seasons while in the Eredivisie although he didn’t win a lot at Barcelona as a player he still captured the hearts of many fans as a coach he revolutionized the way football was played and made it what it is today. 


1.Diego Armando Maradona: Maradona is a player I have a hard time describing because while he was a good respectable player who could make some incredible goals he could also get aggravated very easily but that’s what I like about him his passion for the sport of football is what drove him to keep playing coming from a country that regularly produced successful players he was like no other. Nicknamed El Pibe de Oro(the golden boy) , his dribbling ability and possession of the ball was something else; it always seemed like the ball was glued to his foot. His creativity with the ball is what earned him the respect he deserved. By far when he really showed that in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico nobody could stop him in that tournament he became a hero in Argentina, a respected figure that everyone loved. He scored probably the best goal in the tournament and I will be leaving a link to that goal. But even after that world cup he was still hungry for more he went off to Italy and gave a team with no hope 2 league titles and a european cup truly an ambitious player he had an incredible love for the game and I truly believe he earned the title of Golden Boy.

Maradona wonder goal v England Mexico 86 – Víctor Hugo Morales commentary – HD


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