Senior Quotes


Senior Quotes are a big part of the last year of school. They help express the last words of a student leaving, and taking the knowledge they learned with them to greater heights. The quote itself expresses change and beauty or it’s just some representation of how they think things are. They express their words through the pictures of themselves and bring them to life through their work.

It’s really a great topic for the works of a yearbook to focus on, it’s how they sum up their academic career in a few short words. It belongs to either them, or to someone else’s quote that explains their time in the education department. For some people these quotes take a long time to think of what they want printed for the next 100 years, and for others it only may take up to a week. That’s why your school may give you a month in advance to give you a chance to think of one. 

“Feel like a brand new person, Forever Creating. 😀” is a quote a senior had come up with, face included, the meaning takes stepping out into the world to create forever and beyond. Another has talked about doing a timestamp of a show or movie to describe something, but has a scene where it does. Others have talked about memeing the entire quote. 

Still, it should not matter about what they put down or what others think of their own quotes, they have the right and the creative freedom to express themselves that way. So let it be known, Seniors have a right to tell the world about their own opinion in the yearbook. They deserve to let their thoughts and minds be known to those who dare peek.