Little Big Planet – Game of the Year


Little Big Planet – Community level – Prism Panic – A community level, someone had put together. That took me 34 hours and 52 minutes as well as 3 controllers, and a lot of screaming. :D

Little Big Planet is a game about a tiny little ‘sackboy’ that you control as a character. You can customize what they look like with props and costumes you get from playing the levels with a high score are all the items. This sweet little puzzle platform game came out October 2008, by Sony Interactive Entertainment. With the tagline “Play, Create, Share.” They revolve the game around this tagline by using the stickers and props you get from fully completing levels and mini-games you can unlock more stickers. Props, and even costumes.

The game is fun to the seeing eye and the music takes you on a journey, there are creator community levels that the community sends in and they can range from easy, just exploring, to Very hard, throwing your controller. They also explore your creativity by letting you make levels and share them to the public so that they may play your levels and give real-time feedback.

This game is indeed fun, but unfortunately the game doesn’t have any online servers anymore due to hacking issues, and other problems like viruses and morons taking advantage of other people’s worlds. The game also has an issue with the difficulty of some of the boss levels but that is to be expected for an amazing game like LBP (Little Big Planet). LBP also needs more of a colour selection with a way to make more colour options.

Do try to stay away from the gas out of bound areas and using the tools they give you incorrectly, but a secret area is a secret area. Extra stickers and props and costume items can be found in secret areas, but most of them are either hard or really creepy to get to. Make sure to listen to the NPC’s because they give you important instructions to things you may not get with the triangle button on the top of your controller.

This game was actually made for the PS3 only but, personally I think that’s what makes it the best, an old game that fun, and explores creativity with fun music and even funnier characters, the themes of each ‘level pack’ comes with more characters, more levels and fun tools to shoot enemies and swing from the floor to the ceiling. As grappling hooks and cake guns appear in the second game, I still think that cars, see-saws and falling down long pits with the only way to get out is to explode in a wedding dress and sunglasses is probably my favorite part of the game.