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  • Oct 5 / Girls Varsity VolleyballWauconda High School - 2-0(sets), North Chicago - 0-2(sets)
  • Sep 14 / Varsity Boys SoccerWauconda High School - 1, Round Lake - 2
  • Sep 14 / Cross CountryWauconda High School - The Cross Country program continued its season with success at a challenging Veteran's Acres course. The Boys F/S team took home a top 5 finish with a tight pack and smart racing, while the girls were led by a 9th overall Varsity finish by senior Alyssa Vodicka. The team hopes to continue its success out at their home invitational this Saturday!, -
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Purple Press

Purple Press

What is so Special about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

While this show is made for kids it has made a huge fandom of adults. But what makes this show so special and why is the newer My Little called a flop? 

If you were a child raised in the 2010s you’ve probably heard of the mega popular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show has gathered a large fandom over the years, having people from all ages watching the show. There’s a good reason why this fandom is so big. The show is unlike any other children’s show I’ve seen. 


My Little Pony the original started back in 1986 as a movie called “My Little Pony: The Movie”. Then it became a TV show 3 months later. This is the show called “My Little Pony” and has lasted two years. Which had soon made the show “My Little Pony Tales” which is what is on most of the older My Little Pony Merch. After that came random movies all following small characters. And on October 10 2010 the first episode of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic”. But why is this such an important moment? 


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Well this show is so extremely special for a very important reason. There are six main characters: Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. And each one having one special part of friendship, Pinkie Pie has laughter, Fluttershy has kindness, Applejack has honesty, Rarity is gifted with generosity, Rainbow Dash has loyalty, and of course Twilight is magic. These 6 elements all represent what traits are important to have a strong friendship and or friend group. 


But with these traits the characters still have flaws. Which is extremely important seeing as in most kids shows they portray almost always happy without toxic behavior. But the important thing in My Little Pony is that all of the main characters have flaws, and a lot of them. As even Twilight has her bad moments in the show. But even after they mess up, they always have the character realize what they did was wrong and explain why it was wrong. Which doesn’t seem important at first but when looking deeper in it, it’s essential to mention why the thing that was done is wrong. This is because kids may think doing the same thing others did is wrong, but doing the same thing a little differently is okay. 


Not only are these lessons important for kids but they’re important for everyone to learn. As I know that multiple people need to know these lesions and what it means to be a good friend. These lessons are timeless and there are so many that can be connected to a lot of things in people’s lives. And the build up to see what the best solution to the problem is wonderful.


In the characters as well they each have important aspects. Even though each one has one main good trait, they all struggle even with their best trait at times. Which just makes it even more important and realistic even for a kids show. The colors going to the characters are nice and easy to associate with each one of them. Which is both important for children and merch. 


Furthermore not only the mains are focused, there are countless episodes that are focused on other characters too. For example there are over 20 episodes that focus purely on the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’. Which is a group of 3 ponies Scootaloo, Applebloom (Applejack’s little sister), and Sweetie Belle (Rarity’s little sister). And was a club made because the 3 ponies can’t get their cutie marks, or their ‘special talents’. Which is what a lot of people have in the real world as it can be hard to find something you’re really passionate about or good at. Not only them but they also focus some episodes on characters like Spike and how you can become greedy when taking things for granted. Which are things that are happening to ponies but it always has a way to relate or even be just like what people can go through.


The only cons that would ever be in this show is the fact that it’s animated. There are barely any because the build up and lessons are so so important. And not just for kids I’m sure there’s a few people you know who need to relearn the meaning of friendship and how to be a good friend.

In conclusion this show isn’t only about Little Ponies and their life catered towards little children. But it is something that is important for everyone to learn.

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Abbie Landers, Writer and Editor
Meet Abbie, a Freshman who loves drawing, taking pictures, and  She is passionate about the arts. She loves spending time with her friends and family. She has two dogs Milo and Odie. She's learning four languages which are French, ASL, Korean, and German. But she's best at Korean and French. She dreams of  traveling the world and at some point learns Russian. She's in Culinary, Drama Club, and YAB. In her free time she makes storyboards and designs. She hopes that her stories will inspire people to write.
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