Prom Reflections

Compared to 2022


Mosh pit on the dancefloor.

This year’s prom was very well put together. Compared to last year’s, this year’s prom had better food, better music, and better weather. 2022 was rough – we ran out of food, bad music, and it was below 60 degrees by the end of the night. Instead of chicken tenders and pasta, there was potatoes and fettuccine alfredo. Along with vegetables and a flower to top it off. Although there was a bit of a rocky start to the night because a bus broke down, we made it to the country club in time for dinner. After dinner there were photo ops, dancing, and mingling. I spent most of the night outside because it was such beautiful weather, with perfect lighting and scenery for pictures. At some point during the night, there were a few local college boys that tried to crash the party. Thankfully, the administration thought ahead and brought plenty of security to keep everyone safe. As everyone was climbing back onto the buses at the end, we realized that a couple had run off into the night. We had to leave them behind. Overall, compared to last year’s prom, this years’ was a lot more thought through and planned. Good job prom committee! Good job administration as well!