Wauconda Seniors Are Leaving Their Legacy

In this 2022-2023 school year, Wauconda has made it to state at least four times. Wauconda is continuing its legacy and now it is spreading into different schools. It should be Wauconda’s goal that when other teams hear they have to verse us, they feel the need to be completely prepared.

This year, Wauconda’s FBLA had 46 teams qualifying for State. It took place in Springfield, Illinois on April 13th-15th, 2023. Izzy Berens and Valeria Harris scored 1st place out of 16 other competitors in their area. Their project was about a public service announcement on social issues and how it impacted teenagers. Angelina Iotchev, Hania Zatek, and Amanda Toucher also got first place. They made a business proposal about sign language and how it should be used as a universal language in the business industry. There were 9 other teams of 1st place winners!

The girl’s golf team supported their best player as she went to state this fall. Liv Romer went to state in Springfield, Illinois on October 7th and 8th, 2022. She placed 21st out of 112 individuals with a score of 75 on the first day and 76 on the second. 

Ms. Johnston led the math team to another successful year. On April 22nd, 17 students from Wauconda High School made it to state. It was located at Illinois State University. Matthew Lee enjoyed his time there. “The unique environment allowed people to bond over a deep passion for math. It was a comfortable but competitive event.” Matthew finished in 73rd place and enjoyed exploring campus and solving math problems. 

The final student that made it to state was the theater arts team. After the final performance of Spamalot in November, they found out that they made it to state. In January they performed twice at the University of Illinois and other schools came to watch the show. There were workshops and other shows that people could watch there too. “It was an amazing experience and a great way to end my high school career.” Yasmin Garcia, senior. 

Wauconda High School has been very successful this year, and hopefully next year we can do it again. Wauconda continues to improve its legacy, and the town is so proud of it.