Op-Ed: Struggling with Senioritis

A current issue with seniors and teachers right now is students not participating in class activities or attending school. I’m also one of those seniors. Since sophomore year, I have struggled with attending school due to lack of motivation. During that time, COVID had everyone socially distant so we were doing online school or hybrid classes which my parents signed me up for and I never attended. It slowly went from ditching classes to completely not even joining classes or liking school. I have had so little motivation and I had many other issues making it worse about caring to attend school. Junior year was also a huge struggle since I had “one year” left until senior year that I had my counselor worried about my well-being. Senior year was the same way except it wasn’t until the last minute where I realized I had to pick my life up if I really wanted to succeed in life and education. Most of my teachers were very supportive when I asked for help so something I recommend to new coming seniors or any kid that lacks motivation is to ask teachers for help.  Motivation is hard and it is understandable if you lack it, so when you feel like it’s getting worse ask teachers or even family how it’s affecting you. Most teachers will be more than glad you asked for the help.