How Does High School Set Students Up For Success?

Here is an outlandish claim: school is important. It’s a crazy concept, sure, but it’s true. Many different types of people have accomplished great things, but how? How do academic achievements play a part in success for students? Why is it so important to learn things like sin, cos, and tan or the quadratic formula when it doesn’t serve a purpose in the future? The answer to these questions may be in this article.

Opportunities such as good jobs and good schools will be even more open to you if you have academic achievements. Thanks to the system, many colleges and universities will have a criteria in which the student must meet in order to attend. Without awards and scholarships, going to a really good school can be difficult, and meeting the school’s needs can be challenging. However, most of these requirements can be met when a student has a scholarship or has a good record.

Of course, many schools will be different and won’t always be the same universally, but with scholarships and awards, getting into a good college/university will definitely make the process much easier. “The rising costs make it difficult for many students to attend the school of their choice,” Tina Murtagh writes, “…This can become a huge burden and is a frequent cause of students dropping out. Scholarships reduce the financial burden for parents and students and offer students the opportunity to attend a great college” (The Rewarding Benefits of Applying to Scholarships)

Getting good scores and maintaining an even greater GPA can get you into a good college/university and further your understanding of the world, but what’s the point in doing so when a normal, average college can teach you the same thing?

“One of the biggest benefits of attending a really good college or university…” Darwine Nazal says, who went to Northwestern University, “…is the vast, powerful and well-connected networking opportunities you get to make along the way.”

Nazal also states that the well-connected network, as well as with the alumni network, “can give you the edge that defines how you take the first step to your exciting career!”


That’s why school is important. Even if math doesn’t help you much when doing groceries, many rely on the benefits that school gives us and the opportunities it opens to us. So the next time you feel as if school isn’t important or doesn’t serve a purpose, just remember that school can help you in the long run.