OP-ED: Cancel long and repetitive ads. I can’t keep hearing them


How many times have you heard that one ad? Is it stuck in your head? Can you recite every single word in the exact tone used? 

In every streaming service, some ads repeat over and over again. “I wasn’t interested before, I don’t know why I would be interested now,” said Laci Smith, a freshman at WHS. People are more likely to stop using a streaming service if the ads are recurring. Since I started using Spotify in 2019, the number of different ads I have heard can probably be counted on two hands.

Another issue is the length of the ads. Most are 30-40 seconds long, but with how social media nowadays is made, the human mind has become more desperate for stimulation and gets bored easily. According to The Science Times, “people’s constant need for faster information, new content, and exciting daily trends has ever grown.” They also state, “Some users even reported that they used to watch a 10-30 minute video in the past but have now found themselves losing interest in a matter of a few minutes.” Ads are made in a way to catch your attention to the promotion, but the 30 seconds are slowly becoming too long. When an ad comes on, I get annoyed when it isn’t skippable and end up not paying attention to it. Other times, the ad is way too long. It could be a whole video in itself. Miley Wasilewski, a freshman at WHS, complains about this, “They’re literally longer than the video sometimes.” 

Streaming services can help with this issue by having a more random and wide selection of ads to use. The unpredictable pattern will keep the brain interested because it’s not expected. People involved in making ads can help by making them more concise with songs and language that fits better with the time. Teenagers are a huge group of people using the services, so making more targeted ads using the way they make videos could not only help viewers be more interested in what they watch but also helps companies get a bigger audience. Finding new ways to advertise is beneficial to everyone involved.