Goodbye Seniors

Several underclassmen become friends with the upperclassmen throughout the school year at Wauconda High School without realizing they will soon graduate and leave for college. I Myself have become friends with many seniors through sports and even study hall. Last year during tennis I became very close with Megan Hackman. Megan was the type of person that would do anything to help anyone, I could tell Megan anything and she would never judge me. Then May came and I watched Megan graduate, I thought she would forget about me, but I was wrong. Over the summer when our tennis coach passed away, Megan was there for me and helped me, she took me to play tennis to get my mind off things. Now that she goes to Hillsdale College we still make sure to check in on each other occasionally to catch up. I will forever be grateful for Megan and everything she has taught me and helped me threw.

It can be scary being friends with upperclassmen because they will soon graduate. It may sound selfish but as they begin to talk more and more about this big chapter coming up in their life you might not be excited for them. Although you may have your doubts I can rest assure you that if they genuinely care about you they will stay in touch.