Prom, Not For Me

Prom is a hallmark of high school. In shows, movies, or any piece of media, the dance is built into this magical night upperclassmen get to experience. But for some, it’s just a dance, just as simple and just as boring. There are a fair amount of students that choose not to attend prom. 

The most common reason not to sign up for a ticket is the price of one. $95—$100 for one ticket is unreasonable for some students. To Sandy Venegas, a junior, the dance is “too much for one night. To get a dress, accessories, nails, and hair, it just isn’t worth it.”  To Sandy, as well as many other students, all aspects of the dance are too expensive to justify. 

Another reason students decline the offer is because they don’t have a date. A large number of students like to take their partner to prom. Those who don’t have one feel out of place. Even if they decide to go with friends, they can feel like a third wheel surrounded by so many couples. 

And there are some students that just don’t want to attend Wauconda’s prom. Upperclassmen that are new to Wauconda or have stronger relationships with students in other schools have the choice of attending our school’s prom or another. To some, like Daniela Echeverria, that choice is easy.  “I think I’d have a better time at a different school. I’d have more friends to hang out with, and I’d get to see my boyfriend, all of whom I haven’t seen in a minute.”

Prom has divided the student body. To some, it’s one of, if not the most important parts of high school. A night spent dancing surrounded by their closest friends sounds like a wonder to them. But to others, it’s a waste of time. Regardless of the number of people in and out of the party, all that matters is that students enjoy their night, however they choose to spend it.