Midi dresses are fashion icons


With summer coming up so soon, everyone’s style is changing to fit in with the heat. Summer means more opportunities for shorts, skirts, dresses, tank tops, and t-shirts, but how do people decide what they are going to wear all summer long? How are we able to transition from long-sleeved, winter clothing into short-sleeved, floral summer clothes? What really contributes to someone’s idea of style and do current trends influence them?

Summer creates a lot of style changes for everyone after the winter season is over. It requires individuals to change from their colder, long-sleeved wardrobe into bright-colored, summery outfits. Oftentimes it takes a lot of time to find a summer attire that suits both someone’s fashion style and helps put up with the heat of the sun. Oleksandra, who is a freshman at Wauconda High School, says that “If it is 60 degrees or higher, I’ll start wearing shorts because 50 degrees is the sort of weather for legging and a t-shirt.”

A bunch of summer trends are coming back this year such as midi and maxi skirts, European-inspired clothing, halter tops, and low-rise clothing. A few colors that are the highlight of summer this year are shades of red, yellow, lots of purples and lavender, hot/bright pink, and especially cobalt blue. Summer trends most people look forward to are extremely interesting and unique to the individuals of Wauconda High School. For example, Ms. Theys, a teacher at WHS, shares how she would love to see “neutral tones with pops of color or patterns.” Ms. Theys also shares how she’s “looking forward to fun and flowy sundresses on extra warm days” which definitely brings out the summer in all of us.

There are several different key factors that help make up a person’s summer wardrobe as well as their idea of style. Oftentimes it can be current fashion trends (like summer, pastels, and blazers), influence from social media, or even being inspired by celebrities and their own personal style that individuals can put their own touch on. When asked what inspires her own style, Lea, a freshman at WHS,  shares how social media creates the foundation of her style while adding her own personality to the outfits. “Social media helps me with my style. There are so many different stores and styles that I think anyone can try,” she explains. There are so many ways for people to add their own unique touch to their wardrobes and outfits to make it their own.