Adidas Copa Cleats

There are many soccer cleats to choose from. But in my opinion, the best cleat on the market is the Copa Pure.1. They look good and feel great on foot. The cleats have excellent comfort while playing and touching the ball. A little heel pressure at first but the more you play with them it goes away. You might get a little blister or two but that comes with every cleat. Once an individual plays more in them, they will break in and mold to their foot for the perfect fit. These cleats did a perfect job of that. One thing that is kind of a negative change is the different leathers from the prior series. It is no longer kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is the best-feeling leather on the soccer cleat market because of its soft padding. One positive change from the last series is the classic styling and lightweight footplate. In the past, the Copa cleat was a little too heavy for my liking. This time, they made them with a whole new footplate which made them much lighter. To conclude, it is a great cleat because of its comfort and durability, definitely a 5/5.