Just clean your room already.

They don’t say clean house, clear mind for nothing

Just clean your room already.

Today, people’s rooms are getting messier than ever. Most people want a clean home, but never care enough to keep it spotless. Not only does having a clean house promote a better environment, it also helps with productivity. If you’re ever feeling stuck while doing something, clean up the space you’re in before starting!

Studies have shown that keeping a clean room has numerous benefits. Just like when your body releases endorphins, cleaning your room also does. Not only is that good for your mental health in addition to reducing stress and lowering anxiety. I asked Mrs. Grana, who is one of our school counselors, what she thinks about this concept! “For me personally I like to keep my physical spaces clean because it helps keep my mind fresh and focused. I have a tendency to notice that when my spaces (room, desk, etc.) are messy that my productivity and focus goes down. Sometimes it just takes a couple minutes to tidy up and I will start to feel better and be more productive!” I know first hand after going to school all day and going to practice right away, all I want to do when I get home is lay on the floor and not get up. But, try it the next time you go to leave. Just tidy up and put that laundry away. Trust me it actually makes a difference when you walk into a clean room after a long day. 

Not only does decluttering essentially keep you happy, it also removes distractions from your life and helps you to remain active. It’s like a little boost of energy after a long day! I asked a very organized freshman, Miley Wasilewski, how she feels about keeping her room clean. “If my room isn’t clean, I’m very stressed and can’t function. My room is a direct reflection of my mind. I’ve noticed when my laundry is all over the place and I haven’t deep cleaned my space in awhile I get nothing done. ” Like Miley said, your room is a “direct reflection” of your mind. I know for me when my room is full of stuff on the floor and dirty dishes it makes me not want to do anything. Plus this can further add to your stress from the day. Which as a high school student the last thing I need is something causing me my sleep and adding to my stress.

The moral of the story is to keep your room clean. Besides getting ahead on your chores and getting your parents off your back. It helps simplify things in your life. So when you go home today take the advice and get it over with!