Are Converse made for walkin?

Converse has been around for over 100 years! Yet they continue to come up with vibrant color combinations and shoe variations. Converse are great to travel with since they don’t have much of an ankle backing, so you can just squish them down. They are also great to lift weights in because they give you a flat footing. Even if you walk in a puddle, they dry off pretty fast thanks to the cotton canvas they are made out of! Converse even have a platform option to add a little height to your stance. Plus Chucks pretty much match with anything, so they are a good everyday shoe. 


Although Converse is a pretty versatile shoe, they don’t have much support. Despite the fact that they are good to travel with, your feet need some ankle support! Along with that they have no cushion for your feet, which can be a good and bad thing.  Not to mention how long it can take to put Converse’s high tops on. Which can be quite the hassle.  Converse are not the type of shoe to run a long distance in either. Even though they can be good for lifting, they are not a running shoe! 


These shoes do come at a pretty price though! Depending on what style and color you’re ordering it, your bank account may be hurting a bit. For some these are cheap, others they take some saving up to buy. The total comes out to around $60-100 dollars for a new pair. As a person who wears my converse everyday they last me for about a year! Which is what makes the price worth it.


Personally, I like Converse’s Chuck 70 High Tops! I have them in half a dozen colors and I swap them out based on my outfit. I liked this version because the 70’s have a better, stiffer support than just regular All Star Classic’s. The All Stars are much flimsier and have different stitching. The soles on the 70’s are also thicker so you get a better mold for your feet. Overall I would suggest any kind of shoe from Converse because they are a solid brand!