A Review of Sweet Calibri

Sweet Calibri, a plant based dessert and coffee shop. On top of being plant based, the desserts made at Sweet Calibri are also dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free, which is good because refined sugars can be bad for your health. One thing that I like about Sweet Calibri is that the owner as well as the employees are all very kind and welcoming when they are greeting you into the shop or checking you out. Another thing that I like is that the inside of the shop is decorated with cute furniture such as some cute sets of tables and chairs. The walls are also painted to look like the outside of a French cafe, which I really like and think is fancy. Sweet Calibri also has a wide variety of products. Some include an Avocado Key Lime Pie, a Berry and White Chocolate Cake, and a Black Cherry Chocolate Mini Cake. There is a con to Sweet Calibri though, this being that the prices of most of the products are pretty high, but there is a reason for this. The ingredients used to make these desserts are all the highest of quality. The desserts are also all fresh and handmade by the owner. The average price of their products are $8 for a small dessert and around $60 for the bigger cakes. If you want to stop in and get something, Sweet Calibri is located at 1280 US-12, Fox Lake, IL 60020. Their business hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM- 7PM, Saturday, 10AM- 6PM, and closed on Sunday. You can also contact the store at (847) 907-0261. So, should you go visit Sweet Calibri? My verdict is yes, but if you do want to purchase something make sure you bring some money, because the prices are pretty high.