“Never Eat Yellow Snow” : What It’s Like To Be An Adult

“Never Eat Yellow Snow” : What It’s Like To Be An Adult

What is it like to be an adult and a mother? Jennifer Senkowski is a mother of three and a successful financial manager. Here’s a look into her life.


Jennifer works full-time and helps take care of three children. She says taking care of them is “like the most difficult job, that is unpaid that you could ever have. But it’s actually weirdly, incredibly fulfilling”. She is proud of all her kids and does everything she can to ensure they have a promising future. 


On top of being a parent, she works as an accounts receivable and accounts payable manager. Spending her days working with vendors, customers, and other financial officers at her company. Besides working with numbers, Jennifer also makes sure her employees are safe and happy while doing their jobs. “If their mental health is not good, they can’t really focus and get their job done”. She says it’s challenging to be a manager because “it’s kind of like having additional children”.


Being an adult isn’t all work and no play, Jennifer enjoys the little things she gets to do now that she’s in charge of herself. “I can hop in my car and go to the forest preserve and go for a walk, or I can eat cookies for dinner and not be yelled at”. One of her favorite things about being an adult is knowing her limits and being able to set them. She can wake up one day and go to the zoo instead of work. 


With all of this in mind. What does a regular day look like for her? Jennifer wakes up early to get her kids ready for school and out the door. She then sits in traffic before finally arriving at her office and working for a while before lunch. Usually eating lunch in her car to avoid awkward conversations. Once work is over she heads home and runs errands along the way. When Jennifer is finally home she checks in with all her children and eats dinner before watching a show or two and going to bed. 


Her final word of advice is “Never eat yellow snow”.