Flowers: They Really Do Talk

Flowers: They Really Do Talk

For centuries now people have used flowers to convey unspoken messages. From the hand the flowers are held in, to the petals themselves every detail adds to the meaning. The language of flowers or Floriography has existed nearly as long as language itself, but one of the best-known eras of interest was in the Victorian Era. 


The resurgence of interest in Floriography in the 18th century was rooted in Ottoman Turkey and their love of tulips. On top of this tulip infatuation, there was a growing interest in botany at the time. This floriography craze spread throughout Europe like wildfire. 


     While often used to send secret messages to lovers not all meanings were positive. Flowers such as hydrangea meant “heartless” and basil meant “I hate you”. Flowers could convey a simple “yes or no”, a complex message of hatred, or a secret message of love. Mixing flowers together could form infinite messages, and there was a flower for nearly any message. 


While the meanings have changed with time many people still use floriography today. Many artists use flowers in their art to add to the meaning, but simply giving your partner a rose is also floriography. Sometimes it’s easier for people to speak through flowers rather than say what they mean out loud. 


When you don’t know how to show your gratitude to a friend just give them a Goldenrod.