Light Pollution


Light pollution is everywhere even though you can hardly see it. It affects the skies that cover at night, when you look up what do you see? A sky full of stars, a cloudy sky full of stars or just straight up cloudy sky above? The fog or clouds above in the air is light pollution that comes from the things we have made over the years, it covers the night sky and makes the stars in space harder to see. 

The differences from Light pollution Level one, Excellent Dark to Level eight, City which is usually seen in cities like Chicago, Illinois. Miami, Florida. and Las Vegas, Nevada. While level one can be usually seen in large prairie areas. Like Oak Creek Village, Arizona, Brunswick Islands, North Carolina, and Big Bend National Park in Texas.

The difference can be seen at night when the moon is at its highest, Level one, shows that the night sky is full of space cracks and stars and depths galore. Whereas Level eight when the moon is at its highest point, the sky can be seen in all fog, and it’s always cloudy up there. 

Light pollution is only going to get worse and worse. “The number of stars that people can see with the naked eye has reduced dramatically over the last decade.” states Victoria Gill from BBC News. “In Europe, they found a 6.5 per cent increase in brightness per year matched the data; in North America, it’s 10.4 per cent.” writes Jamie Carter in Forbes. It has been said by both articles referenced here that light pollution is only going to get worse if nobody does anything about it. 

Regardless, this Light Pollution is becoming quite the problem in most cities. Some children nowadays don’t know what the stars look like anymore. This is the time to help, even just using eco-friendly lights may help the situation in your area. We here hope you all have the starriest nights.