Sherlock Teens!


Wauconda High School hosted its 5th annual Battle of the Books competition. This year, the school had two teams representing it: Sherlock Teens and Book Besties. Each team had at least three members and went up against one of the teams from Lakes High School. Their teams, Reading Between the Spines and TBD, faced off against Wauconda High School to see who could remember details from each book. 

The battle took place on February 23, at 5:15. Teams  had 19 books to read and memorize before then, and teams had multiple strategies in place to remember as much information as possible. Sherlock Teens had the most people in their group and together had a collection of knowledge on each book. Other teams like Book Besties and TBD divided the reading among members.

The faceoff lasted from 5:15 to 7:30 and Sherlock Teens ended with the highest score, finishing with over 300 points! All teams gave a great effort and had a lot of fun discussing the stories they read and remembering their details. Testing memory, patience, and teamwork was great for the participants, their family, the audience members and the judges. Everyone involved in the battle had a great time and look forward to next year.