Staff vs Student: Spring Break Comparison 

Spring Break is a time both students and staff enjoy. It’s a week-long vacation where everyone in the school can relax. Students don’t have to worry about homework and projects, and teachers don’t have to deal with their students. Everyone’s happy. But besides the break from class, what else do staff and students have in common? 

Both teachers and their students share an interest in traveling, especially to warmer climates. Dr. Mack and Giselle Echeverria both enjoy going to Florida for the break. Some go to visit family, like Mackenzie Marcadante. “We don’t have many other chances to see them,” she says. “The break is a nice time to catch up.” Mr. Metzger also travels to Florida, but “mainly to spend time with my wife and kids.” 

Some students prefer to stay home during the break, like Lily Parmelle and Frank DeLeon. Lily likes to stay local and continue her riding lessons, and Frank likes to relax in bed. Some teachers like Mrs. Luetschwager like to stay at home with her children and do chores that haven’t been done over any other too short weekends.

Regardless, both teachers and students like doing something out of state, maybe even out of country, and others prefer to stay local or at home and do things they haven’t because the weekends are only two days and not the longer time they need it to be. Along with these things, there could be other options that haven’t been considered, or any that hasn’t been said.  We do hope that regardless of what people are doing you enjoy your vacation over the long week break.