Op Ed: love is…under the stairs?


It’s almost every day that Wauconda High Schoolers walk past each other in the halls before being completely grossed out. As of February 8th, the amount of PDA we see each day is unbelievable. 

PDA at Wauconda is everywhere you look. Even when I’m walking down the hallway, simply going to 3rd period, all I do is look in front of me and bam! There’s a couple in the corner under the stairs making out like the other is going off to fight in the war. It’s not only seen under the stairs, by the way. When I go to the school and get on the bus, I see couples standing in the middle of the sidewalk or by the trash cans telling each other how much they’re going to miss them. I don’t understand how they can get so upset because they 1) just saw each other not even ten minutes ago and 2) they can both call and text each other.

Now, obviously, it isn’t all couples in the school but it’s enough of them to be noticeable to the students. It isn’t something I enjoy seeing at 9:09 am every single morning while walking down the hall with my friend. It’s also not only by the stairs as I said. You can find PDA in an open hallway, you can be standing behind it, by the trash cans, and even in bathrooms (both girls and boys).

Several people feel the same about this issue. Melody Manzella, a freshman, makes it clear how uncomfortable it makes her to see it. “It’s disturbing to see. It’s like watching a PG-13 movie scene with your parents.” Most of us know what it is like to watch a weird movie scene with our parents and how strange everyone reacts. Most of the time we try to avoid staring at the TV because the scene just makes us feel so uncomfortable. That’s what it’s like to see PDA in the halls. “It’s in my way and annoying,” says Laci Smith, a freshman at Wauconda who isn’t very thrilled about seeing PDA all the time.

Certain types of PDA are acceptable. For example, if a couple is just walking down the hall holding hands or if they’re extremely close to each other it’s not a big deal. “I mean, hugging and holding hands is okay, but seeing them making out on my way to class is obnoxious” freshman Faith Healy clarifies. Personally, I agree and think that if you’re holding hands and hugging isn’t that big of a deal.  Abbas Hussain adds “holding hands is okay as long as you don’t block the halls” to the idea that not all PDA is bad as long as we don’t see couples making out.