Woodstock DMV

On Monday, May 15, 2023 I turned 16. Although excited and eager to get my license I had to wait another day because the DMV is closed on Mondays. I made an appointment for 12:30 at the Woodstock DMV. It takes about 40 minutes to get from house to the DMV but per usual I was running late. My mom drove me to the DMV, we pulled into the parking lot at 12:35 so the second my mom stopped the car I ran to the door. There was a police officer waiting by the door letting people in. The police officer looked miserable, he asked me for my appointment confirmation and then he let me in. when i walked in i had to wait in the information line, the line went by fast. When I got to the front a blonde lady rudely asked why I was there. I told her I was there to get my drivers license then she asked to see my permit. I looked everywhere for my permit but I quickly realized I left it in the car, so I ran out and grabbed it and ran back in. She checked my permit then gave me a ticket and told me to get in line to take my picture. The lady that took my picture was very nice. She made me sign my signature then told me to go sit in the chairs against the wall and waited to be called. I waited for 5 minutes then I got called to desk 8. The lady asked for a bunch of papers which I shockingly came prepared for. We asked her if it would be possible to get an ID while I was there and thankfully I had one of my pay stubs which made it possible for me to get one. I also handed her my CO-OP sheet which meant I passed the test already. The lady was very sweet and friendly. She asked me for height, I replied and told her I was 5 ‘9. After she got all my information she told me to wait in the cashier line and they would give me my printed drivers license and ID. I waited for a few minutes then I got called and they handed me a copy of my drivers license and ID and we left, but once we got in the car I noticed my drivers license said I was 5 ‘1 which is very far from 5’ 9. So once again I had to run to the door. I explained to the miserable man that they made an error on my license. The man directed me to get my picture retaken and then I had to sit and wait to be called again. The lady that did my license saw me waiting and told me to come up. She let me skip the whole line. She explained how bad she felt and she made the change and printed it out for me. She handed it to me and congratulated me. I really like the Woodstock DMV and would recommend you go there rather than the Lake Zurich DMV.